Welcome to our system's support and updates page!
This site is designed to give you an unparalelled support experience on our products which is exclusively available to our clients with online updates subscription. Important updates are uploaded in less than 5 minutes, while other enchancements are uploaded after thorough testing.


We automatically upload new enhancements to all our applications, however you are free to suggest features and if we find it beneficial to the erp ecosystem we may include it in the future versions. For your suggestions click here . Applications are alphabetically sorted and you may position the mouse cursor on the name of the application for update feature details. For your reference, versions can be seen at the topmost page of your application.


A glimpse of the future :)

In this time of hyper paced technology, our development team are working overtime to give you the latest and the future technology this world has to offer. Here are our few lists of what's keeping us busy on those sleepless nights.

.NET Core and .NET 5

One of the best product of Microsoft, due for release on year 2020. Soon you will be able to use our applications on any platform with a more improved UI/UX.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is undeniably one of the most important invention since the discovery of the internet. We are trying to tap the features of this unique technology by integrating it in our applications, specifically in the area of security.

Digital Wallet

The development of our digital wallet for your online payment and digital currency will change the way you look at fiat money.  Major cryptocurrencies will be accepted and maybe we will launch our own cryptocurrency.

Bancnet / Co-Branding + VISA/Mastercard

Bancnet+ VISA/MC integration and card co-branding connectivity will give our users more payment flexibility using customized dual tech feature (emv+rfid).  This engine will be supplied by ACMI to Onlinepay Corporation.

Direct ID Printing and Distribution

To speed the delivery of debit card ID's we are working with Onlinepay Corporation so that we can print identification cards directly in our printing office. Data gathering and id logistics will be fast, real time, secure and highly efficient.

Android and IOS apps development

We are developing a cross platform mobile version of the iPortal usin Flutter/Dart and Xamarin. Actually at its current state, the iPortal itself is already a cross platform, targetting desktop and mobile gadgets!

Get in touch

For concerns and suggestions please use any of available medium most convenient to you. We or iBot will reply the soonest possible time. You may also subscribe to receive updates and other information on your email.