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What is iPortal?

iPortal is a fully dynamic and responsive web portal frontend of SIMS ERP which has the following features:
1. It is flexible because it is cross platform and can be used by any browser regardless of device or operating system.
2. It is convenient because you can access it anywhere and at any time 24/7.
3. Unlike other web appplications, it can handle a multitude of users on a single centralized login.
4. It is eco-friendly because it eliminates unnecessary printing of reports.
5. We constantly upgrade the software to only use the most updated technology even before they are released, so you are guaranteed of a modern,secure and futuristic software experience.
6. It is evolving, with the integration of artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning feature.

Will there be an IOS and Android apps version?
Who can use the iPortal?
As a parent, how can i monitor the activities/performance of my child?
I'm a busy person, do you have other payment options like online maybe?
What to do if i forgot or lost my password?
Lost ID
Why am i not receiving my password in my email?
Other Concerns (Complaints/General Messages)

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